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Fruit-frame pole's geometry characterized by multiple wave-pattern enforcement ribs allows for a huge range of loads not only during the plant growth and ripening but also in adverse weather.

Special profile construction of VinProf poles provides for an easy assembly, manual or mechanized, in any type of soil and guarantees high reliability even with shallow placement.

Our Company’s modern European equipment allows us to manufacture fruit-frame poles of every length with end-to-end perforation and customizing according to individual specifications.

Reinforced anticorrosion coating of metal preserves the fruit-frames in pristine condition for at least 30 years.

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  • For years specialists of VinProf had been committed to improving and modifying the construction and materials of the fruit-frame poles. As to the day we can proudly say that our system is one of the most balanced in Russia and in Europe in regard of price-to-quality ratio.

  • The fruit-frame poles are manufactured of high-quality zinc-coated steel of 1,5-2 mm with first-class zinc coating (Z275g/m2 or 20 mkm of coat).
    The poles are manufactured in accordance with customer’s specifications.

  • Convenient harvesting with full mechanization possibility.

    Easy and fast assembly: no special means required to place fruit-frames, no digging/drilling required.

    Longer service life: in comparison with traditional poles.

    Client-oriented business: poles fabricated to satisfy customer's needs.


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  • Ground assembly scheme
  • Tips and recommendations on assembly
  • Fruit-frames Systems "VinProf"

    "VinProf" boasts several types and sizes of fruit-frame poles designed for various types of grapevine formation, bushes of regular gardens, greenhouses and fences (wire or net).

    The key features of the pole are light weight, extended service life in aggressive soils, high bearing capability, resistence to elements (wind and rain) and ability to withstand loads related to mechanical harvest handling.

  • Types of sash profiles for grapes
    • LENGHT (mm)

      DEPTH (mm)
    • 1800

    • 2000

    • 2200

    • 2500

    • 2750

    • 3000

    • 4000


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